The recent concert footage of Limp Bizkit which was uploaded to YouTube by a fan revealed the band’s new song ‘Outro-Turn it Up, Bitch’ from their upcoming album.

Limp Bizkit is an American nu-metal and rap-rock band that has been nominated for a Grammy three times. Their records have sold over 50 million worldwide. They have released 5 albums since 1997, each one bringing success to the band. Their upcoming album ‘Stampede of the Disco Elephantswas announced in 2014 but it still hasn’t been released and doesn’t have a scheduled release date.

The band hasn’t given their fans something new for a very long time and therefore they excited everyone when they announced their new song ‘Outro – Turn it Up, Bitch’ and sang it briefly during their recent concert. The video was posted by a fan on YouTube and the song was immediately loved by fans, and many commented their opinions.

Here is what a user said:

“The beat is so dope. Sounds new & fresh. The world & music needs new Limp Bizkit music.”

Another fan pointed out:

“Don’t erase this video, this is epic. New song by Limp Bizkit.”

Although the new song is different than what they used to put out there, the fans are okay with the change as long as they get something new. This new song seems to be the start of a new album which is the good news that all fans have been waiting for.  

You can watch the concert footage below.