Speaking in an interview with Metal Sucks, Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland revealed his thoughts about music world and festivals. He said (transcriped by Ultimate-Guitar):

“I’m being phased out, I’m set for extinction in the next however long. And teenagers don’t think that way, and neither do 20-somethings. They’re into streaming.

Like any generation being overtaken by another generation. it’s hard to accept the way that they do things. And music for them has always been free. It’s just a devaluing of music.

I’ve said this in interviews before that I feel like the musician is gonna become like a trade of the past, like court jesters and coal miners, something that’s just not necessary anymore.

I think people will do it as a hobby. The whole musical middle class will be completely obliterated to where you’re either Rhianna or you’re one of the multitudes of any band trying to get time off your jobs so you can go play Reading and Leeds. And there’s gonna be no one to replace any of the headliners. Once Metallica is done, who’s gonna replace Metallica at European festivals? There’s no one. No band is big enough.

Everybody is trying to get Bring Me the Horizon to become the next festival headliner in UK and Europe and it’s just not gonna happen. Those guys are working really hard and are really popular, but they’re never gonna replace Metallica or Iron Maiden.

Bands nowadays into the past decade have not been able to have the opportunity to become legends. Because they don’t have the support, because music has been devalued.

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