The official and verified Instagram page of Linkin Park broke their social media silence after a long time and has shared a new post on Instagram Stories to celebrate the birthday of the band’s bassist Dave ‘Phoenix’ Farrell.

Phoenix, whose full name is David Michel Farrell, recently celebrated his 43rd birthday. Linkin Park took to their social media account to celebrate his birthday, and they announced a 30% discount on the Linkin Park shopping site because it was his birthday.

Also, Linkin Park co-founder Mike Shinoda could not be silent on the recent celebration post of Linkin Park and shared the post on his official Instagram Stories.

See the Instagram photo below.

A few days ago, Mike Shinoda posted a bunch of recent videos on his official Instagram Stories today.

As the whole community will accept, Mike Shinoda is very well-known for being a multi-tasker artist and today, he showed yet another skill from his repertoire: Snowboarding.

You will watch the video right below that Mike can easily make 360’s, grabs, and backside 180 rewinds with his board. However, Mike didn’t want to give away specific details about the videos.

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