Linkin Park fans have started a new conflict between NSYNC and Backstreet Boys after Mike Shinoda shared his thoughts about these bands on Twitch.

As you might remember, Mike has started to live streaming on Instagram during the self-quarantine days, and he switched his streaming platform to Twitch after the suggestions from the fans.

In the live stream, Mike Shinoda stated that NSYNC is better than Backstreet Boys and started a war accidentally. Mike didn’t think these discussions will come this far and stated that this is what makes Linkin Park’s fan base unique.

A Twitter page named Linkin Park Live wrote:

“LP fanbase is literally at war with each other now all because of @mikeshinoda’s comments about NSYNC.#BlameMike 😂”

Here is what Mike Shinoda said:

“Only the LP fan base would start an N Sync vs. BSB battle in the middle of a melodic metal live stream writing session. A session they requested. You guys are too much.”

A fan named Ariane replied:

“This quarantine gets weirder every day.”

Another fan named Raquel wrote:

“Mike you can’t be perfect. BSB was absolutely the better band. Still love you!”

You can check out the tweet below.