On Twitter, Linkin Park‘s legendary member Mike Shinoda announced that he was back with another Twitch stream after a break for almost two weeks which made the fans extremely excited.

As you may recall, Linkin Park‘s co-founder, vocalist, and guitarist, Mike Shinoda, has been actively using social media platforms to reach out to his fans especially during the self-quarantine days.

The multitalented musician has been doing live streams via Twitch and creating new music with the contributions of his fans. On July 10, 2020, Mike released his second studio album ‘Dropped Frames Volume 1‘ which was mostly inspired by the live streams he had been doing.

Linkin Park star was also creating visual art accordingly to the feedback he received from the fans during the live streams. However, he had a short break from Twitch since his last live stream on August 13th.

Recently on Twitter, Mike Shinoda announced that he was back again on Twitch and shared the link of his online show with the fans. Later, on Instagram, he posted the photos of the most recent drawings he made during the Twitch stream with the contributions of the fans who joined the live event.

Here’s what Mike Shinoda stated on the caption of his Instagram post:

“Drawings from the art stream on Twitch today. I think the Gundam inspired ‘Reanimation’ robot was my favorite.

You can see the tweet Mike Shinoda posted on his Twitter account below.