Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s sister Tobi has posted an unseen photo of herself with Chester on Instagram, and wrote a confusing message over that photo.

After the message of Tobi, a fan named Justin has revealed a unique conspiracy theory about Chester’s death, and fans were extremely liked that comment on Instagram.

Here’s what Tobi wrote:

“Is it a coincidence that all these people died by “hanging them selves?” I’m beginning to wonder just how deep this #Epstein debacle goes… How many more will “die by suicide” before the authorities take this seriously?? #BillClintonBodyCount”

And, Justin’s theory:

“He was definitely murdered. That man John podesta. Look into that. The rumor is that Chris was gonna expose a Pedo Ring and somebody got word of it and took him out. How tf you gon hang yourself with a exercise band and have blood in the bathtub and 6 broken ribs?

Chester was definitely murdered for the same reason. I think he was gonna do iron Chris’s bday in honor of him but got killed the night before. I mean cmon he just got back from a trip with the family and had a photo shoot the next morning.”

Another fan named Jana said:

“Yall obviously don’t understand the why’s. Chester was investigating and speaking out about the sex- trafficking that is deeply embedded in the entertainment system. And then all the sudden he is gone. Epstein knew too much and could easily talk and reveal things i am sure “people” would do anything to protect their little pervy dirty secrets.”

Check out the Instagram post below.