The latest post from Linkin Park‘s original Instagram account set fans in motion. Encouraging the fans to be a part of the ‘Hybrid Theory’ two decades after its release, the post additionally promotes the upcoming ‘Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition.

The interactive step taken by the band provided the fans with the chance to sign their names under the ‘Hybrid Theory’ logo and reconnect with the iconic album.

In addition to advertising the new box set in an innovative way, they have received positive feedback from the fans regarding the name generator function.

Here is the inscription of the post:

“Turn your name into the Hybrid Theory logo using the name generator. Head to the website, type in your name, and hit ‘Go’.”

As you may remember, the band is getting ready to release its ’20th Anniversary Edition Super Deluxe Box Set’ on October 9. Being available for pre-order, the set is a collection of various items from CDs and DVDs to an 80-page book of exclusive photographs.

You can check out Linkin Park’s post below.