Linkin Park began preparations for the new album. The band’s guitarist Brad Nelson and vocalist Chester Bennington made a statement about the new album.

Brad Nelson says:

I think it’s a personal record. I don’t think it’s about politics, the world outside – a lot of these songs are personal, I feel like the person singing is speaking directly to me in a revealing way. There’s an intimacy, but it’s not introverted.

Chester Bennington said:

“There are songs that don’t talk about a specific situation, they talk about a frame of thinking. This is the shit that’s going on inside my head or something I’m dealing with; to me, it tells a story but it’s also revealing as well, and that feels honest to me.”

We’re trying to connect with people. We’re trying to make a record that has stellar songs that people want to listen to all the time.”

You can listen to the new Linkin Park music sample with piano from below.