After Chester Bennington’s sudden death, Linkin Park was silent for almost 2 years. ‘One More Light’ was the band’s last album, and neither as a band nor invidualy they were not quite productive.

However, today we have two great news for the Linkin Park fans.

Mike Shinoda released his 4th video clip, “I.O.U.” from Post Traumatic LP which released last summer. You can watch the video below but before, let’s hear what Shinoda says about the video:

“It’s a really grimy, dark hip-hop track. It’s all braggadocio and it comes from the type of hip-hop that I listened to growing up. I took it to Jason Joshua to mix. He mixes a lot of modern hip-hop and pop, but a ton of really great dark hip-hop records, and we were talking about the track, and he goes, ‘Who did the track on this?’

I’m, like, ‘What, what do you mean?’ This is the first time we worked together so he didn’t know I make all the music. I’m always driving the ship in the Linkin Park album-writing and the sound-creation process.”

Mike Shinoda – I.O.U:

The other news is also about Chester Bennington… Lamb of God’s Mark Morton released his new video “Cross Off” featuring Chester Bennington.

Here is what Morton says about the album:

Anesthetic is finally out! I’m excited for everybody to hear the whole thing. We’ve gotten some great feedback in these first few days, so thanks to everyone that’s checked it out already.

We are also premiering the video for ‘Cross Off’. Thanks to Paulo Gregoletto and Alex Bent for being a part of the shoot. Thanks for the continued support and I hope you enjoy the video and the album.”

Mark Morton – Cross Off (feat. Chester Bennington):