The co-founder and vocalist of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda has decided to take a break from giving some clues about the game he presented to the band’s fans and announced that he is leaving Twitter for one day.

As you may recall, Shinoda has released the new website of Linkin Park which is designed as an old computer and with special features that remind the fans of the early years of the band, the beginning of the 2000s. The nostalgic design is made to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of the band’s debut album ‘Hybrid Theory.’

Within the website, Mike Shinoda has left a message in which he asks for the help of fans, as well. Mike wrote that he just booted the computer up for the first time in like 20 years and it’s a mess. He is having a hard time locating the files and wants the fans to dig through it find anything usable on that computer.

The message led to a game within the website to unlock the hidden files in it. Shinoda has been hinting some clues and answering the fans’ tweets on Twitter, who progress in the game. Recently, he revealed about the game in the process that the latest step is the Pictureboard thing and there are no more surprises. He added that he is taking a day off solving the game on Twitter.

Here is what Mike Shinoda said in his recent tweet:

Ok I’m leaving Twitter for the day. And the Pictureboard thing is all we’ve got. There are no more surprises. Seriously. Hybrid Theory 20.”

You can see the tweet below.