Linkin Park has shared a new post on the official Instagram account and made an official announcement for the 20th anniversary of the ‘Hybrid Theory’ album.

As you can see in the post below, Linkin Park has stated that they have some special plans and thought that fans could have a part for it. Also, Linkin Park wanted all of the materials from the ’90s to the ‘Hybrid Theory’ album.

Most of the fans couldn’t stop themselves and shared their reaction in the comment section of the post. In seventeen hours, the post got over 450.000 likes.

Here is the statement from Linkin Park:

“This year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hybrid Theory. We have some very special things planned throughout the year and want you to be a part of it.

We are looking for photos, videos, ticket stubs, merch, flyers, souvenirs and anything else you collected from the early days of the band in the late ’90s through the Hybrid Theory era of 2000-2002. Some great examples include (but are not limited to) live concert footage and photos, pictures of band members and signed goodies from LPU meet and greet.”

A fan named Heidi added this comment:

“Hybrid Theory was one of the first albums I got, I had cd-player with me all the time and this album was my favorite one – I literally grew up with it. You still rock! 💕”

Another fan named Maria Evangelista said:

“Been a fan ever since this album was released!! Hybrid Theory was life-changing….still in rotation, and now enjoying it with my kids who are huge fans too!”

You can check the post below.