Linkin Park frustrated Donald Trump and his supporters by causing another post to be deleted from Trump’s social media accounts after a cease and desist letter they sent.

Lots of social media posts of Trump have been disabled due to the copyright owners’, in other words, musicians’, reports. Made for the campaigns of coming election by Trump’s supporters, another video, in which Linkin Park’s iconic song ‘In The End‘ was used, was deleted lately.

The band confirmed that they sent the cease and desist letter since none of the members endorse Trump. In addition to the official announcement the band made on Twitter, Joe Hahn, the DJ of the band, posted the screenshot from Trump’s page, which shows the video is no longer available, on his Instagram.

Here is what Hahn said on his post targetting Trump:

“No thanks.”

Here is the official announcement Linkin Park made on Twitter:

“Linkin Park did not and does not endorse Trump, nor authorize his organization to use any of our music. A cease and desist has been issued.”

You can see the post of Joe Hahn and tweet of the band below.

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No thanks.

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