Linkin Park’s official Twitter account recently shared a rare video of Chester Bennington from the photoshoot of ‘Minutes To Midnight.’

Chester Bennington touched many people’s lives with his impressive voice and lyrics. Bennington created a strong bond with his audience by showing that they were not alone as he wrote about the hardships he faced during his music career.

The rocker had many challenges, coming from a very young age. He was struggling with depression in parallel with alcoholism and drug addiction. Bennington deeply saddened the music scene when he committed suicide on July 20, 2017.

For years, Chester Bennington contributed to Linkin Park with his powerful vocals and songwriting before his death. The band’s 2007 album ‘Minutes to Midnight‘ was one of them. The album became number one on the US Billboard 200 and charted in various countries. It gained commercial success for Linkin Park, selling many copies worldwide.

The official Twitter account of Linkin Park recently shared a rare video of the band from the photoshoot backstage of ‘Minutes to Midnight.’ They informed their fans that fifteen years had passed since they did the shooting near the sea.

The band members had fun together, and Chester Bennington made jokes around them in the video. He humorously gave his signature to a fish in a scene, and they laughed at this. These fun moments of Chester and the band put a smile on the fans’ faces.

The group’s Twitter account wrote:

“15 years since the fish got its autogram.”

You can see the tweet below.