The legendary Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda is spending his time making streams on his official Twitch account these days. Today, he took his official Twitter account to announce a meaningful coronavirus-related project.

As well as being a super-talented musician, Linkin Park star is also creating paintings and illustrations as a hobby. Today, he announced that he will give away one of his finest paintings to help the desperate people who are suffering from the coronavirus outbreak since the disease hit the whole world.

Here is what Mike Shinoda penned on his Twitter page:

“I’m giving away this original painting to the top donor of my tiltify campaign to benefit Direct Relief.

COVID efforts. Campaign ends May 31st, so donate now. Top donation is currently a little over $5k. To donate, click here.”

A Twitter user named Ulrike commented on the post:

“Sadly have no money left for donation. If I could, I would donate! But I really love your painting! See you later on twitch! Looking forward to today’s stream!”

Another user named Karma Doll wrote this:

“Would love to but can’t beat that donation. Been raising funds since the start. I hope to have a decent amount by the 31st. Thanks, Mike. 🙏”

You can check out the latest tweet of Mike below.