Chester Bennington’s former band, Grey Daze has shared some new posts about the death of Chester Bennington via its official Instagram account.

A few days ago, Chester’s 23-year-old son, Jaime Bennington penned down an emotional letter for his father. Today, Grey Daze has shared the letter which was written by Jaime Bennington on its Instagram page.

Also, Chester Bennington‘s former band, Grey Daze has set to release an album in honor of the late Linkin Park frontman, according to Bennington’s widow Talinda.

Here’s the letter of Jamie Bennington:

“To be honest, I didn’t know that Grey Daze was coming back. My dad was the type to keep his work private if it wasn’t finished, so I never heard about his reunion with Sean Dowdell and Mace Beyers to revitalize his first-ever rock band.

All that I knew was that my dad was looking, once again, to reinvent himself as an artist. Something that was far from unusual considering he was, and always will be, one of the most amoebic vocal talents to ever live.

With that being said, to say that getting a call from Sean nearly two years after his death concerning an album they had been working on together in secret was a surprise is an understatement. Sean asked me to come down and record some backup vocals at NRG.

I said yes. Of course, I said yes. And what an experience it was. In a lot of ways, I got to meet the teenage version of my father. I got to reconnect with my own childhood friends.

And I got to pilgrimage to the very place that Linkin Park got their start. Most importantly though I got to work on one of the last things my dad ever made. Something I had so many questions about, like How were they going to continue to work on an album when the lead vocalist was no longer in the picture?

I had been told that there were no plans to bring in another vocalist to replace my dad on the album, but I didn’t understand at the time what that actually meant. It was only when I stepped into the studio that I saw the magic being performed. And by magic, I mean magic.

Sean Dowdell, Esjay Jones, and Lucas D’Angelo are miracle workers who not only had massive holes to fill in the production of the album but had rather limited means of filling them.

But they did it. They did it with only masters of old Grey Daze recordings and the goodwill of friends and family.
Thank you so much for having me and congratulations on accomplishing the impossible.

Jaime Bennington December 12, 2019″

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Jaime Bennington December 12th, 2019

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