Linkin Park icon Mike Shinoda took his official Twitter account to show his support for the people who are facing racism and sexual harassment and revealed what he will do for them.

As you might remember, Mike started his streaming life during the coronavirus outbreak starting with Instagram live, and finally, he switched the streaming platform to Twitch. In those streams, Mike is showing how to make music besides talking with his followers.

In the statement, Mike wrote that he will join the ‘Twitch Blackout’ event to take attention to the racism and sexual harassment and won’t be streaming tomorrow like the other content creators.

Mike stated that we should be supporting the people who need to be heard and proved how a kind-hearted man he is.

Here is what Mike Shinoda said:

Hey, guys. Just heard about the #TwitchBlackout/I’ll be abstaining from streaming tomorrow out of respect for those protesting racism, abuse, and sexual harassment.

Please support those who deserve to be heard and decide to stream/post tomorrow.”

You can read the tweet below.