The co-founder and singer of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda has revealed that the second volume of his album comes out this Friday.

As you know, Mike Shinoda released the first part of his new album, ‘Dropped Frames Vol. 1‘ on July 10 this year. Shinoda said about the album that it emerged as a product of the quarantine period.

He explained that he began to make music live online and his fans’ contribution to the streams with the ideas of unexpected genre mashups led to such a creative album-making process.

As a continuation of the productive process Shinoda stepped in inspired by his fans, he has kept recording songs in July. Lately, Mike Shinoda announced that the second section of his album, ‘Dropped Frames Vol 2.‘, is ready and the album which includes 12 tracks will be available on Friday.

Shinoda also stated in his post, which he shared the tracklist of the coming album, that the album release party will be on Friday at 10 am PST on Twitch.

Here is what Shinoda said on his Instagram announcement:

Tracklist for “Dropped Frames Vol 2.” Album comes out this Friday!

Once you listen to the tracks, join the album release party on Friday at 10 am PST on Twitch.”

You can see the post below.