On Twitter, Linkin Park‘s legendary member Mike Shinoda made an announcement about his upcoming new album, and he also revealed the second volume of the album was already mixed.

The multitalented musician Mike Shinoda has been actively using social media platforms to reach out to his fans especially during the self-quarantine days. On several platforms, Mike made live streams often to create new music with the fans.

Recently on Twitter, Mike announced that his new album named ‘Dropped Frames Volume 1‘ would be released on July 10, 2020. The three tracks from the album, ‘Open Door,’ ‘Super Galaxtice,’ and ‘Osiris,’ were already available on several online platforms. Apparently, Mike’s new album was mostly inspired by the live streams he had been doing.

Here’s the announcement Mike Shinoda shared on Twitter:

I’m excited to announce the release of my first batch of instrumentals inspired by the live streams. My album “Dropped Frames Volume 1” will be out on July 10th. Three of the twelve tracks— Open Door, Super Galaxtica, and Osiris are available now

Furthermore, the fans were thrilled about the news Mike shared and responded with many comments. A fan account dedicated to Linkin Park and Mike Shinoda asked for a song named ‘License to Waltz‘ to be added to the second volume of the album, however, Mike revealed that the volume two was already mixed.

Here’s Mike’s tweet sharing the news of his second album:

It’s one of my favorites, but volume 2 is already mixed

You can see the tweet Mike Shinoda shared on his official Twitter account below.