An iconic musician and the co-founding member of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda posted new photos on his verified Instagram page with a question to his fans.

As Mike is preparing to begin his upcoming Post Traumatic Tour he revealed that he will wear lots of different hats in the gigs.

Here is what Shinoda asked to his fans:

“How many hats can we fit into one tour?

Let’s find out. #PostTraumaticTour

A user named ohshitshinoda commented on the photo and wrote this:

“I have a squid hat I could give you but then you’d have to do a North American tour again 🤷🏼‍♂️”

Lemanlake commented and said:

“Mike, we love you so much in every hat in the world!!!🖤🖤🖤”

You can see the photo below.