Linkin Park’s rhythm guitarist and vocalist Mike Shinoda has shared a photo from his desk via his official Instagram account and wanted to do brainstorming with his fans.

As you can check out below, Mike announced that he will likely be making a new track for the fans and wanted their opinion about how to shape these new songs.

Besides his fans, musicians and celebrities headed to the comment section to share their ideas. Additionally, Mike’s post reached over 40.000 less than twelve hours.

Here is what Mike Shinoda wrote:

“What should I make a song about today? Two caveats:
1.) Not “how should it sound.” I don’t need sonic suggestions.
2.) I don’t want to write about any specific person. Suggest a topic.

Leave your suggestions below. 👍🏽🔥⚡️”

British musician Rat Boy added this comment:

“Overcooked hallumi.”

Australian music producer and DJ, Alison Wonderland wrote this:

“Write about how cockroaches can survive nuclear blasts so people shouldn’t hate on them so much Cos they r low key pretty cool”

Another musician Brevin Kim said this:

“Pretend you can breathe underwater and you woke up in the sea floor thousands of feet deep. write about life down there”

A fan named Adelin Costin wrote:

“Make a song about the things u like or hate it could sound pretty good”

You can check out the post below.