Linkin Park’s legendary member Mike Shinoda has responded to some ‘BTS Army‘ member’s tweet on his official Twitter account and showed his support for both BTS and Linkin Park fans.

A Twitter user and also 4K plus followed social media personality, Z7, has shared the cover video of Linkin Park’s ‘Given Up’ that was performed by BTS. Linkin Park star Mike Shinoda saw this tweet somehow and named the fanbase community of the two iconic bands on his tweet.

As you may recall, Linkin Park released ‘Given Up’ as the fourth single of their legendary album ‘Minutes To Midnight’, and the song was remembered by late star Chester’s holding a single note for 17 seconds.

Here is what Z7 wrote on his tweet:

“I’m taking this video to the grave with me.”

Linkin Park’s Shinoda responded to the tweet by calling the LP Soldiers:

“🔥 BTS Army 🔥 LP Soldiers 🔥”

You can check out the tweets and the original version of the song below.