In a recent question and answer session on Instagram, Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda has shared some informations about his life and future plans. He also mentioned about possibility of new solo album.

Another fan asked:

“Are you thinking making a new solo album?”

Mike replied:

“Not currently. I’ve been working with a few other artists for writing and producing.”

A fan asked:

“Will the Post Traumatic (his debut album) bonus tracks ever appear on streaming services?”

Mike responded:

“Working on that. More to come.”

Another question:

“You’re looking forward to the Show at the MHP-Arena in Ludwigsburg? I’m so happy to see you there, my first…”

Mike said:

“Very excited for the upcoming shows in Europe. Thanks!”

Last question:

“And, who would you like to collaborate with next?”

Mike has shared a meaningless picture of a woman and wrote:

“This person. They look very chill.”

Check the photo below. Click here to reach Mike’s official Instagram account.