One of the most iconic musicians of this era and the co-founding member Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, has shared a recent tweet on his official Twitter account and remembered his beautiful days with Chester Bennington.

A lot of friends and colleagues of Chester Bennington have shared many photos and messages about him on social media accounts because today is the birthday of him. If he was alive now, we would celebrate his 44th birthday.

Chester Bennington’s bandmate and close friend, Mike Shinoda, shared a tweet about the birthday of him and wrote a sincere birthday message to celebrated the birthday of his road friend.

Also, Mike Shinoda added a special video with this tweet and showed their amazing moments while they were having a time together. You can watch it below.

Here’s what he wrote in the tweet:

“Happy birthday Chester I saw this video this morning which reminded me how grateful I am for the laughs we had together.

Feel free to share your favorite memories below.”

You can see the tweet of him right below.