Linkin Park’s co-founder, rhythm guitarist, and primary lyricist, Mike Shinoda posted a story on his Instagram account and announced that he has finished producing his fan’s track live on Twitch and that it will be released soon.

As you might recall, Mike Shinoda started doing Twitch lives back in 2020 as a means of interacting with his fans and looking for alternative sources of inspiration. He released two instrumental albums in mid-July and the beginning of August, and they were both well-received by both his fans and critics.

After that, he took a break but in early January, he announced that he’ll be going back on Twitch. However, he had a different idea in mind as he felt that he owed something to his fans who had inspired him during the making of his ‘quarantine outcomes.’ Shinoda had announced that he’s looking for vocalists and songwriters who ‘maybe don’t have access to good producers’ or the necessary knowledge.

Shinoda had said that from now on he will be listening to his fans’ music, and produce the tracks that he finds exceptional. As it turns out, Shinoda kept his promise because, in his recent Instagram post, he announced the release date of the first track that he produced. Chris Kelly’s ‘Bittersweet,’ which was produced live on Twitch by Mike Shinoda, will be released on February 26, 2021.

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