Linkin Park rhythm guitarist and primary songwriter, Mike Shinoda, has shared yet another tweet on his official Twitter account and announced a surprising news about the coronavirus outbreak.

As we all know, COVID-19, publicly known as the new coronavirus, first appeared in Wuhan, China, and spread to the world in 3 months. It affected many countries, especially Italy, and people faced serious health problems due to coronavirus disease.

A lot of celebrities of the rock world have locked at home to protect themselves from the virus. Today, Mike Shinoda has posted a recent tweet on his Twitter account and announced good news for everyone who is in quarantine.

Apparently, Mike Shinoda and his beloved wife, Anna Shinoda, have made a playlist called ‘Quarantine Playlist.” You can listen to this playlist when you bored or seedy while in the quarantine.

Here’s what he wrote with the tweet:

“Anna and I made a quarantine playlist.”

See the tweet of Mike Shinoda below.

You can listen to the playlist of them right below.