Linkin Park’s co-founder, primary lyricist, and rhythm guitarist Mike Shinoda recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and announced that he just made his first cryptomedia sale, the proceeding of which will go to the college scholarship that he founded in 2006.

As you may recall, Mike Shinoda started doing lives on Twitch in the Spring of 2020 during which he interacted with his fans and created experimental instrumental albums. His two albums were released in mid-July and the beginning of August. After that, he announced that he wants to produce the tracks of talented songwriters and vocalists who ‘don’t have access to good producers or knowledge’ live on Twitch.

It seems like his interest in social media grew as he realized how much impact he can make through his Twitch lives and decided to dive into NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Just yesterday, he had posted a series of tweets in which he thoroughly explained what NFT is and why he has been putting his posts up for sale.

Shinoda said that NFT is considered to be a good type of investment as the owner of an Instagram post can earn quite a lot if the popularity of the purchased social media post increases. He had also recently announced that his short ‘One Hundreth Stream’ track which was created on Twitch is up for bidding. With his recent Instagram post, Shinoda revealed that his post received a $30,000 bid.

Shinoda also said that all that money will go to the ‘Michael K Shinoda Endowed Scholarship‘ at ArtCenter College of Design which he founded back in 2006, in order to support and benefit future graphic design and illustration students. His great sale received hundreds of comments and the cause behind this cryptomedia sale was applauded by his fans and followers.

Here’s what the tweet said:

“$30,000 bid accepted! Congratulations to Mike Shinoda on your first cryptomedia sale! Anyone can still bid on ‘One Hundredth Stream:’ ↳ here

Mike Shinoda retweeted this and said:

“$30k US will be going to the ‘Michael K Shinoda Endowed Scholarship’ at
ArtCenter College of Design to benefit students based on artistic merit and financial need.”

This is how Mike Shinoda explained NFT (Non-Fungible Token):

“It works like an auction; the value is determined by the bidders. In the end, one person gets the NFT. Think of it like owning a 1 of a kind item in a game, or like ‘owning’ an Instagram post. It’s a weird thing to own, yes, but:

Here’s the crazy thing. Even if I upload the full version of the contained song to DSPs worldwide (which I can still do), I would never get even close to $10k, after fees by DSPs, label, marketing, etc.

And a reminder: the NFT isn’t the song—it’s an NFT containing the song. You can even rip the audio and video. And if the contained song becomes more popular, then arguably the NFT becomes more valuable.”

You can check out the tweets below.