In the recent interview with Jon Weiderhorn from Loudwire, Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda explained how he affected by Chester Bennington during he recording his solo first album“Post Traumatic”.

Here’s the statement:

“Actually, the shows have been really great for me and I think that a lot of the songs, although they came from a darker time, have a different meaning now that I know what the journey has been.

The album (his debut album “Post Traumatic”) was written during the first nine months after Chester passed away, and then it’s been another half a year since then.

So -after Chester’s death- I’m in a much different place than I was and sometimes I listen to those earlier songs and it’s kind of striking to me how far things have come and how different I feel about them now than I used to.

Interviewer said “Are you over the grieving period, which typically consists of five stages: denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance?” and Mike responded:

“For me, it’s been kind of a thing that comes in waves and not everyone experiences all of those things and not everyone feels them in that order so everyone can be all over the place. These days, I feel like I’m pretty well because I feel like I’ve found a new normal in terms of purpose and routine.

I tell people I’m a member of a club I never wanted to belong to. I’ll get in that conversation [about death and depression] through interviews or just in everyday conversations about mental health and I’m learning a lot and it does bring a lot. I feel energized by those conversations. I think I originally expected that they would be more exhausting than they are.

Usually, for me, it feels like a really worthwhile cause and I know that so many of the people who come to the shows have experienced depression in one form or another. And also, mental health is a subject that some folks are just unfamiliar with or afraid of. I think talking about it helps, so I’m happy to engage in the conversation.”

Mike Shinoda’s debut album, “Post Traumatic” was released on June 15, 2018 via Warner Bros.

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