Linkin Park co-founder Mike Shinoda posted a new video on his verified Instagram page and gave a little taste from his upcoming song to his followers on social media.

In case Mike didn’t give away much information with the song he’s working on, he stated that he worked on the song while he’s making a live broadcast on Instagram simultaneously.

Here is what Mike wrote about the video he shared:

Went live here on IG again today and made this. Not sure when the stream cut off, but I hope you guys are enjoying watching the process.”

An Instagram user named linkin.bert revealed when the streaming cut off:

“Just cut off a minute or two ago right when it was getting good 😫 hate the hour limit they have.”

A Mike Shinoda fan named chasyshinizzle wrote this:

“Always a pleasure to watch/listen to you create music 😊”

Another user called noroadsleft__ commented:

“Enjoyed it a lot, too bad it got cut off too early 😁 can’t wait to hear more!”

You can check out that exclusive sneak peek right below.