Linkin Park icon Mike Shinoda has posted a couple of new photos on his official Instagram page and announced that he finally managed to find the frames that were taken when he locked himself to prepare the demo version of ‘In The End.’

Inte The End was the eight track of Linkin Park’s debut album, Hybrid Theory which was released back in 2000. The song has managed to reach number one on the Z100 top 100 songs of 2002 and number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

According to Shinoda’s post, Mike decided to change the production tool he’s using nowadays to come out with the song. He used ProTools instead of Cubase and his 64-track sampler-sequencer workstation, Akai MPC 2000. In these days, many fans still think ‘In The End‘ is Linkin Park’s most unforgettable and signature track ever.

Let’s hear the story of how Mike locked himself to come out with the first version of the song:

“I found the photos! Many of you have heard the story about how I locked myself in the rehearsal space and came out with the demo for In The End. I had switched from Cubase to ProTools at this point and was making beats with my MPC 2000 (on the floor.)

We didn’t have a table & chairs in the room, so I just sat on the floor and worked. The second photo shows all the lyrics and song notes as we wrote Hybrid Theory.”

You can check out the photos and listen to ‘In The End’ right below.