Mike Shinoda, who is the co-founder of Linkin Park, has shared a new tweet about his new project on his official Twitter account and made a short statement about it.

As you can remember, Mike Shinoda had made a stream live video via Twitch and showed his unique songwriting process for the followers.

Today, he made a new statement about this project on Twitter and announced that the demo version of his new song is ready. Also, he took a link for listening to the new song.

Here’s the statement of him:

“Here was the finished ATS style demo from the live stream today. Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications to be a part of the live stream!”

A user named Lele commented:

“Thanks! Loved it, curious about what tomorrow will bring.”

Another user named Debbie wrote this message to him:

“Loved the stream today Mike! You are the best!”

You can see the tweet of Mike Shinoda below.