Co-founder of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, has shared a new video on his official Twitter account and shared his thoughts about streaming on Twitch.

As you might remember, Mike has been doing live stream sessions for a while to teach how to make a song. Recently, he started to do these streams on Twitch and seemed like he will continue his new career on Twitch.

Mike was enjoying his time on stream while making a new verse for the song in the video. In the caption of the post, Mike stated that Twitch is so much fun for streaming and revealed the best streaming platform in the world.

Here is what Mike Shinoda said:

“Why didn’t you guys tell me how fun it is to stream on Twitch? Today I did a 90s east coast hip hop beat (and rapped on it a little bit)”

A fan named Ariane added this comment:

It brings a bit of light and fun in my days. Thank you for doing this. But, stop touching your face though.”

Another fan named Kale replied:

“I love seeing my favorite arts writing their music, it’s so magical and inspirational!”

You can check his tweet below.