Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda has shared a screenshot of his conversation with a fan on the official Instagram account and surprised his 1.5M followers.

In the messages, we can see that a fan was sending messages to Mike Shinoda and asking for his ideas. Mike didn’t respond to any of these messages but his fan seemed fine with this. Even without any replies, this fan grateful to Mike for being an inspiration for the songs.

Here is what fan wrote after sending a video:

“Which demo I should work on today? 1, 2, or 3.”

After a while, a fan wrote again:

“Happy Saturday 🖐 Thanks for helping me with that song. I had a bunch of ideas at random times. Whenever stuff comes to me, I record it in my Voice Memos on my phone… We’ll see how these ideas start to come together this week. 🔥”

You can check the conversation below.

A month ago, Mike Shinoda has shared a photo with well-known musician Jane Chika Oranika on his official Instagram account and praised her talent.

In the caption of the post, Mike stated that Jane Chika is one of the musicians that you should listen to live. Click here for the details.