The legendary Linkin Park co-founder, Mike Shinoda was recently interviewed by the famous American magazine, ‘Kerrang!’ and revealed the projects he’s currently working on these days.

As Mike Shinoda reveals that he will have lots of surprises for the fans in 2020, and he also explained why he chose to change his setlists dramatically in the Post Traumatic tour.

Here is his statement:

“One of my goals for the Post Traumatic tour, in general, was to make every show special. I wanted to change the setlists dramatically from show to show; to take requests from fans, and improvise on songs, and basically just vibe out on whatever the crowd was giving me on the night.

With that said, I don’t think I have a favorite show of all of them. All of the shows were so remarkable, and I don’t even know what happened or how. I think we were all just going with the flow.”

Mike Shinoda also revealed how he is managing to balance his private life with his creative projects he’s working on.

He continued:

“I think the most important milestone for me this year was wrapping up the Post Traumatic tour cycle,” he says. “I did a few videos for the album, including one of my favorites, for World’s On Fire. I also got back into the studio to write and produce with a handful of other artists.

Those projects will slowly be coming out over time. On a personal note, I took some short breaks from social media, because I was finding it to be a negative influence in my life. I actually love Instagram in particular, but this year I’ve found that I need to limit my interaction with it to smaller doses.”

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