In a recent interview with Noisey, Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda has shared his thoughts about Metallica frontman James Hetfield.

Actually, he mentioned about Papa Het and praised him. He said:

“If we’re just talking about this era and this scene (80’s thrash metal), I’d say I like it just as much as James Hetfield’s at the time. Hetfield to me is the voice of that style and to me, this is equally as good.

It’s nice that I’m hearing this now because I wouldn’t have expected Tom Araya to sound like this. I expected him to have more of that high-pitched scream that was popular. What was happening in metal at the time?”

He also revealed his favorite Metallica album:

Master of Puppets might be my favorite Metallica record and I think the sound of this, even though we’re listening to it on a portable speaker, might be on par with it. It may be even better. The recording of this is really good and because I cheated I know that it’s Rick Rubin, right?”

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