Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda was interviewed by Access Online, and explained how he started to work on his solo album after Chester Bennington’s unexpected death.

Here’s the statement:

“After Chester passed away, I found myself just putting my thoughts into some songs because it’s what I kind of always do when I’m sorting through things – I tend to do it in music or in paintings,” he said of “Post Traumatic’s” early beginnings. “It’s a great way for me to sort through thoughts and emotions.

He continued:

“After I made a few of these songs, I was making them very quickly and I realized that not only would they answer a lot of the questions that people had – namely, ‘How are you doing?’ – but I also thought that putting these songs out there could potentially help some other people who are going through a similar thing.

It’s a very personal record, and I thought the most personal … the way to indicate how personal it is would be to just put my name on it.

Even as I was finishing the album, I would go back and listen to the early songs and almost be shocked at how far I had come or how different I felt. Now, listening back to it it’s like, ‘Who is that person, saying these things?’ It feels very far away.”

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