Co-founder of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and unexpectedly revealed his new project unexpectedly.

In February, Mike announced that he will be trying to do a new music project and looked for help from his followers about these new songs. He asked a question about the topics of the songs, and he even shared his phone number to get an opinion from the fans.

Today, Mike revealed that he finished the song after a short period, and he will send this demo to his community as an mp3 track. Also, he stated that you can text him for the taste of this song.

While we were writing this, Mike’s post got over 2K likes and 200 retweets. Also, his followers replied to this post and shared their opinion about the song.

Here is what Mike Shinoda wrote:

“Gonna text an mp3 of a new demo/song to everyone on my Community text list, in one minute. Text me at 310.935.0302, if you want the mp3.”

A fan named Becca added this comment:

“Mike, can you open the community app for non-US fans, we don’t want to miss out on the texts and things like that. Also, hope you, your family and the other LP guys and their families are safe and healthy.”

Another fan named Elle Hoesch replied:

“Listening to LP right now while spring cleaning. Damn, I really miss Chester. I’m glad you’re here still.”

You can read the tweet below.