Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda took his official Instagram account to share a new post and revealed his feelings on the rumors about Biz Markie.

As you might already know, Biz Markie is an American rapper who is rumored to be dead two days ago. However, his manager announced that Biz is undergoing medical care and still alive.

After hearing about the news, Mike also clarified to his followers that Biz is not dead but he is in hospice right now. Also, he hoped that nothing will happen to Biz and prayed for him and his family.

Furthermore, Mike shared a song of Biz, ‘Nobody Beats The Biz,’ and wanted to show everyone that he can come to life easily because he has a strong personality and a mindset.

Mike Shinoda wrote:

“Note: Sources are saying Biz is in hospice and has not passed. Prayers to him and his family. Listen to his music anyway!”

And here is the statement of his manager Jenni Izumi:

“Biz is still under medical care, surrounded by professionals who are working hard to provide the best healthcare possible.”

You can check out the post and the song that Shinoda shared below.

Photo Credit: Mike Shinoda – Instagram