Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda shared a mind-blowing tweet on his Twitter account and confused the fans’ minds with a ‘UFO’ statement.

In the tweet, Mike stated that he is rebranding ‘UFO’ and will release a new album named ‘We Have Proof Of Aliens’ after Pentagon leaked some UFO videos to the public. He thought that these changes would hype up the fan base.

As far as we understand, Mike mentioned the live streams on Twitch, which he made alien sounds in the broadcast for the viewers. Most of the fans so confused about this tweet and shared their reactions after seeing it. Also, some of them even asked Mike what this tweet means.

Here is what Mike Shinoda wrote:

“We’re rebranding ‘UFO’ as ‘UAP’ (unidentified aerial phenomena). Great way to hype up the fan base before the big ‘We Have Proof Of Aliens’ album release.”

A fan named Manon replied:

“I literally didn’t understand anything in this tweet.”

Another fan named Pedro replied:

“They’re ashamed of hiding the UFO phenomena from us for so many years that they felt that rebranding them as UAP will take away their guilt. A fresh new start.”

You can check out his tweet below.