In a recent with Meakan, Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda talked about the rappers such as Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

Actually, he praised Lil Wayne and said:

“Lil Wayne came out with his record. Personally, I’m sure there were some stories to be had about some of the drama with his label and lawsuits and some of his past. I’m sure that stuff was out there.

I actually didn’t hear very much of it, but I heard the record came out, I think he’s great, I went and listened to the record and I’m like, “Wow, he’s just such a talent.” And it was a beautiful experience listening to the record, I was very excited about it, and I think he’s great. I really appreciate what he does.

And I somehow feel, as we speak right now Kanye’s record’s not out, I somehow feel it’s not going to matter how great Kanye’s record is, it’s already ruined for me in my mind, because of the drama and the goofy stuff that’s going on.”

He also explained why he would prefer saying ‘died by suicide’ instead of ‘commited suicide’. Here’s the statement:

“I was really proud to be part of that and when I was doing it I was realizing man, you know, people are being more and more aware of using appropriate language and appropriate approaches when you’re talking about suicide.

So, for example, a lot of mental health professionals would prefer that you say, “Died by suicide”, instead of saying “Committed suicide.” Because committed is always like, “committed a crime”, “committed adultery”, “committed bad things.”

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