The iconic star of Linkin Park and the co-founding member of the band, Mike Shinoda, has shared a special thanks message via his verified Twitter account.

The Twitter user named ☆•˚Aɳi •˚☆ has shared some funny photos of Mike Shinoda and his otter. In the photos, it was imitating Mike Shinoda, whatever he did, the otter was doing the same.

Here’s what he captioned with photos:

“Mike Shinoda as a cute otter (a thread) ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆.”

A few hours later, Mike Shinoda has seen that tweet and shared the tweet on his own Twitter account. Also, he wrote a simple thanks message to ☆•˚Aɳi •˚☆.

Here’ what Mike wrote in the tweet:

“Thank you for this gift.”

You can see the tweets of the couple right below. Also, you can click here to see more photos.