Linkin Park icon Mike Shinoda, who is streaming on Twitch frequently, revealed his reaction to the comic superhero face of himself by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account.

During one of the streams, Mike decided to raid the talented artists who made Marvel heroes like Spiderman and Star Wars, Will Sliney. While earning the respect of the artist, he also got a gift from him due to this kind of behavior.

Will drew a comic face of Mike Shinoda during the stream and shared it on Twitter afterward. Later on, Mike saw this tweet of Will and showed his gratitude by thanking him in a recent post.

Moreover, Mike stated that he had never imagined what his superhero face would look like and couldn’t hide his impression about this piece of artwork. In this way, Mike showed who grateful he is to Will and proved how a kind-hearted person he is.

Here is what Will Sliney wrote:

“We drew Mike Shinoda live on Twitch. Thanks for the raid Mike.”

Mike Shinoda replied:

“I’ve never imagined what my comic superhero face would look like. Thanks for showing us, Will. “

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