In a recent interview with Samantha Goretski from Maekan, Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda has shared why he always prefer saying “died by suicide” instead of saying “committed suicide”.

He said:

“People are being more and more aware of using appropriate language and appropriate approaches when you’re talking about suicide.

So, for example, a lot of mental health professionals would prefer that you say, “Died by suicide”, instead of saying “Committed suicide.” Because committed is always like, “committed a crime”, “committed adultery”, “committed bad things.”

Interviewer said “There’s a negative connotation, yeah” and Mike continued:

“Yeah and they suggest it’s more sensitive to say “Died by.” It’s a very small difference, but just choose the other one. And then there are other things like, if you do have a piece of news, a story where somebody died by suicide, then some guidelines are: don’t get into gory details, definitely don’t put pictures up and so on and so forth because, there could be somebody reading who actually is in the highest level of danger.

And if they see that stuff, it can trigger them and they can just spiral and that could be the end of everything. So obviously the stakes are as high as they get.

If you’re a kid or a person with two hundred, three hundred, four, five hundred followers—if you’re just like a high school student or college student—you probably don’t know those guidelines. You probably never heard that stuff before, because they’re aiming that stuff at the press.

But aren’t these young people powerful? If I’m following you, and you’re not thinking and you just say something really graphic or post something crazy, I didn’t get a warning! I didn’t get a chance to avoid it, and all of a sudden I opened up that social media app and I saw it, and who knows what could happen.”

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