Linkin Park’s iconic member Mike Shinoda posted a recent photo on his verified Instagram page today and revealed his latest drawings with his followers.

As Shinoda shared the story of the characters he draws, he also stated that he is obsessed with drawing characters from video games.

Here is the caption which he wrote:

“When I talk about the video for World’s On Fire, I often talk about the fact that I was obsessed with drawing characters from video games like MegaMan when I was a kid.

I just found one of those drawings. Welcome to my sketchbook, 1989. Watch my story to see all the drawings inside.”

A user named phantasticphira commented:

“Oh damn, I did the same. I tried to invent new species of Pokémon 😀”

Another user named itsmehoodie shared her opinion:

“It looks good, thanks for sharing.

Obviously as a kid, you were already very talented.😀”

You can see the post of Mike Shinoda right below.