Linkin Park musician Mike Shinoda has posted a new photo on the Instagram Stories, revealing the most consistent rapper ever for him: Redman.

Redman is best-known for his 2001 movie named ‘How High.’ He also has a lot of successful albums such as Muddy Waters, Reggie, Blackout.

In the photo, Mike shared one of the Redman’s hit songs, ‘Slap Da Shit Oucha,’ via Spotify, choosing him as the most consistent rapper. He didn’t give any details on why he called the rapper a ‘consistent.’ He also mocked the rapper’s hook.

Here’s what Mike Shinoda wrote on the picture:

“@redmangilla is one of the most consistent rappers ever. This hook literally made me lol.”

See the Instagram photo below.

Back on December 29, Mike Shinoda posted a bunch of new photos on his official Instagram page, and he unearthed the never-before-seen frames from the deepest folders of his mobile phone.

In total, Mike posted 18 photos for his followers, and it seems that he will continue to post these photos until we reach 2020.

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