The co-founding member of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, has shared the new photo series and statement on his official Instagram page, revealing what he wants from the Instagram managers.

Mike Shinoda has posted the photos of the four different song covers including ‘Fine,’ ‘Grand Paradise,’ ‘Clockwatch’ and ‘Me.’ He had a logical request from Instagram for directly linking with streaming services.

In the caption of his photos, Mike said that he wanted there was a way to post a playlist on the Instagram feed so that he could connect directly to Apple Music and Spotify songs. Also, he announced that his new songs will be released soon.

Here’s what Mike Shinoda captioned:

“I wish there was a way to post a playlist on IG feed. Hit my IG story for links to the songs on Apple and Spotify—and thanks for sharing and adding them to your playlists.

Four new tracks and more on the way: “FINE” by me, “GRAND PARADISE REMIX” by @foxing, “CLOCKWATCH” by @amirsaysnothing & “ME” by @kittentheband”

An Instagram user named snowqueen6 commented and said this:

“Fine is really addictive 🙌💝 I’m so excited for hear the new songs on the way 🔥😄”

Another fan named pplanetariumm wrote this:

“Dope, there has to be a way🔥”

See the Instagram photo below.