During in a recent interview with Noisey, Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda talked about what the thinks about Metallica’s ballads.

He said that ‘Metallica’s ballads weren’t really ballads just slow songs’. Here’s the statement:

“Are you telling me there’s not going to be a ballad? Awesome. I love it. I like how Metallica could get away with ballads but I can’t imagine what that it sound like if Slayer did one. Metallica’s ballads weren’t really ballads, -it’s- just slow songs. I credit Kirk Hammett.

I love that there’s none here on this album though. Even so, there’s so much variety in this many songs at this tempo even. All the songs have their own identity.

When I’ve worked with Rick Rubin, we’ve talked about to need to have variety on an album like Chuck D and Flava Flav. If it was an album of Chuck D the entire time, it wouldn’t be as interesting without the court jester there to balance it out.”

He also talked about Alice In Chains’ second album Dirt and said:

“I remember when like Alice In Chains put out their second record and they dried up the mix, they tightened up the drums, and it sounded like a band in a room.

Also lyrically it just got so fucking dark. I think that move is such a bold move when bands do that and there’s an element of that going on in this record.”

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