The iconic star of Linkin Park and the co-founding member of the band, Mike Shinoda, has shared the new photos on his official Instagram page and announced a new song called Clockwatch, which is produced by Mike.

In the statement, Mike said that he collaborated with Los Angeles-based rapper AmirSaysNothing for Clockwatch. He also thanked all of his fans for listening to their new song.

Shinoda also organized a competition among his fans, announcing that they would give a Clockwatch clock to the winner, and he also gave a few tips to win the competition.

Here’s what he said on the photos:

“I made this song with AmirSaysNothing. He had a great idea to say ‘thank you’ to all the fans for listening.

Make sure to tag your video #clockwatch (and maybe include the track if you’re smart to win). There’s only one clock so there’ll only be one winner.”

See the Instagram photos below.