The co-founder and the vocalist of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda shared the illustrations he drew at the requests of his fans on his latest live stream on Twitch.

With his new album ‘Dropped Frames Vol 1‘, which came out on July 10, Shinoda chose an extremely creative way of album promotion lately. Known as a graphic designer, as well, Mike Shinoda employed his talents into one album. He both drew the design and produced the songs of ‘Dropped Frames Vol 1.’

On one of the latest live streams he made on Twitch, Shinoda had the requests of the fans about drawing. With the illustrations from baby Yoda to the crazy cat figures in a zeppelin, Shinoda worked his magic as an artist. He later shared these unique gifts on his Instagram account.

Here is what Mike Shinoda said on his Instagram post:

You requested them, I drew them. Here are the sketches from yesterday on Twitch. Looking forward to seeing your colored versions!”

You can see Mike’s latest post below.