Legendary member of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, has decided to a radical changing about his social media accounts and stunned his followers with this decision.

As you might remember, Mike made a live stream on Twitch and Youtube to make Fortnite themed drawings, and he managed to do it pretty well. Also, he named this character ‘Boris Team Leader.’

After a while, Mike decided to change his profile pictures on social media accounts, and he also even changed the name of his Twitter account. In this way, he showed off his drawing skills and hinted that there would be more drawing streams soon.

You can check out the latest look at the profiles of Mike below.

Here is what Mike Shinoda said about this drawing earlier:

“Today on Twitch & Youtube live, I fulfilled a fan request to make something Fortnite themed, so here’s ‘Boris Team Leader'”

A fan named Noroa added this comment:

“This turned out to amazing! We need more drawing streams!”

Another fan named Tyler wrote:

“One of my favorite live-streams, I hope you have a chance to go way more drawing streams!”

You can check out the picture and the post below.