Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda has shared a new tweet on his official Twitter account and shows his support in these tough times.

As you might already know, COVID-19, known as novel coronavirus, is a highly contagious disease that spreading all around the globe since the beginning of the year. So far, over 660K cases have confirmed by the governments.

First of all, Mike started to make videos on Instagram to support the people who bored to death at home during the self-quarantine. Also, he even did a short stream on Twitch for his followers.

This time, Mike supports the fight against coronavirus by revealing how to donate for medical workers from Los Angeles. With this behavior, Mike earned everybody’s respect once again.

Here is what Mike Shinoda said:

“Friends in LA: Dine11 Los Angeles donations buy meals from local restaurants to feed COVID-19 medical workers. Two birds with one stone. (and other cities, if you don’t have one of these, maybe now’s the time to set one up…)”

A fan named Daniela replied:

Please stay at home. It’s so important to avoid what’s happening in Italy. Coronavirus is killing too many people here. Please #StayAtHome.”

Another fan named Jael added this comment:

Hi Mike Shinoda, thanks for showing care to medical workers like me. I’m your number fan in all the things you do. Registered Nurse here from the Philippines. Thanks for your kindness.”

You can check out his tweet below.